Member Values

Says Jarrin that management values represents a force to build better organizations and societies, in an environment where the management culture and values invade the world of the organization. It is a model that will change the vision of the management of organizational transformation processes. More specifically it indicates Jarrin, values-based management a part of premises and different visions. The organization is seen as a living system, not as a mechanical system whose sole purpose is to generate wealth for shareholders. On the other hand, people are seen depending on its potential and not constraints with which consciously or unconsciously we have defined the policies and systems of organizations.

Traditional training models are no longer valid such challenge. How to arrive to all and each one of the members of a company is through the communion of values, properly understood, internalized and brought into practice, so that they become management guides and models of observable behaviors. For Jarrin management based on values allows you to follow the route of the economic sustainability of companies and societies in the long term, cementing moral and economic capitalist, to lead us as workers and companies rising in the seven scales of development, from survival, up to the awareness of the impact of all our actions in communities and societies, generating, not only enterprises more profitable and successful, but above all, achieving this through the individual development of each person to transform them into social actors. The quality management programs and productive has been identified with the management on values, by highlighting the decisive role of the human capital that every company has, where each Member of the organization is a potential which can not be neglected, to which should motivate contribute optimally your creative, innovative potential and to implement it in pro provide answers to the problems that the environment in their development.


The old and heavy body of the Revolution no longer moves, trasunta excrement by the flank and the best thing would be than it stopped existing to give an opportunity to the Mother country, since it is not Mother country or Death, but Mother country and life which the future generations need. To have survived is its great merit and as all the survivors will have to wait for the death. Amen. It is not possible to be denied that the resentments and joy they will declare in this celebration, important is to give opportunity to that Cuba is abra to the world, that its new president Raul I castrate is inserted in the dynamics of the present scenes, with the experience that has been reached with fifty years of a behavior that one assumes has arrived at its maturity and that today must be known how to be useful with another vision, experience and to cause the opportunity to him to the island to that it is abra to a new development where does not lose those fifty years that the Cubans have lived and that has all the right to take step to the advances that the modern world has generated. There this exactly the test stops to measure that as much it has been learned of these years. To Cuba new possibilities are abren to him of entering itself in the modern life, simply is necessary to lead it with the triumph conviction they did since it when the revolution prevailed; their deads hope that the country fulfills a modern roll of the present time.

Espirito Santo

Data aiming at the consolation Dos Santos? Jo. 14:16: ‘ ‘ I will supplicate the Father, and it he will give another Comforter to you, so that he is with you forever ‘ ‘. h. Data for that they obey the God? At. 5:32: ‘ ‘ we are witnesses of these things, and well thus the Espirito Santo, that God gave to whom it obedecem’ ‘.

5. NAMES ATTRIBUTED TO the Espirito Santo. Spirit of Really? Jo. 14:17: ‘ ‘ the Spirit of the truth, which the world cannot receive; because it sees not it knows nor it; but know it, because it inhabits with you, and will be in vs’ ‘. Joo: 15:26? ‘ ‘ When to come the Comforter, who will send I you of the part of the Father, the Spirit of the truth, who of the Father proceeds, this will give certification of mim’ ‘. b.

Spirit of the Favour? Zc. 12:10: ‘ ‘ But on the house of Davi, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, I will spill Spirit of favour and suplications; will look at for that one to who had assigned, they will prantearo and it as who pranteia for its only son; will cry bitterly for it, as it is cried for primognito’ ‘. c. Spirit of the Life? Rm. 8:2: ‘ ‘ Because the law of the Spirit of the life, in Christ Jesus exempted, you of the law of the sin and morte’ ‘. d. Spirit of the Promise? E. 1:13: ‘ ‘ in which also it, having heard the word of the truth, evangelho of your salvation, and having in believed it also, were stamped with the Espirito Santo of the promise ‘ ‘. e. Spirit of Adoption? Rm. 8:15: ‘ ‘ Because you did not receive the spirit from slavery, another time to be with fear, but you received the spirit from adoption, for which we clamamos: Border, Father! ‘ ‘.