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This makes that you implants processes that are uncomfortable for the sales force, which have to spend much time completing information and running tasks that only benefit the management of the company, but are unable to support the work of sales or not provide added value to the customer. The first fundamental recommendation is to define clearly the purpose to be achieved with the SFA project, evaluating the goals of each of the groups of interest in the topic. To ask yourself this question, comes another which corresponds to what are interest groups? Very important to think about what are the processes necessary to achieve the sales force out to the field to meet prospects and customers. To the extent that the process becomes more scientific and less empirical, surely come afloat activities such as the following: how distribute customers so they are visited by the sales force? Many sellers must be allocated? How I distribute customers and prospects to this sales force? What is the methodology necessary and more effective to schedule the visits? What are indicators of measurement that I define the sales force? What kind of information and tools should I give to sellers to perform its work? How I call them the business plans and tactics that we must continue with the market? What mechanisms use to assign them their goals and budgets? Should the process followed to achieve greater productivity in their work? How should you do to communicate their results to the company and its management? What we do so that your time is more dedicated to serving customers and less on administrative tasks Well, these are only some of the activities that a director must have clearly defined and assigned to able to prepare the ground before tell you to the sales force that go out to the field to serve clients..

University Ramon Areces

The opening of this new headquarters, located in Consell de Cent Street. 334, presumably response () to the growth experienced last year in volume of business in human capital, explained Lluis Faus, Director General of the company on the occasion of the inauguration. Furthermore, this third office in Spain, have as objectives trade building, development of new products of its own technology and expansion in America and Europe. For this year projects respond to the objective continue contributing to development of commitment with its customers: offer comprehensive information about the various branches of law, of easy use and constantly updated at all times. About () (), innovative Spanish company that offers online services of international legal information, brings together the databases of legal information from more than 95 countries through its overall platform multi-language search and navigation. VLex products characterized by the total interrelation between all contents and your daily update. The product catalog includes the largest database of legal doctrine on the Internet, along with comprehensive databases on legislation, case law, contracts and forms, news, as well as collective agreements.

Currently, global vLex platform brings together more than 15 million of international documents that can be accessed in 10 languages. In addition, all customers and users of vLex can access exclusive content and added value of own production, as well as major publishers legal as EDERSA, Dykinson, Montecorvo, University Ramon Areces, El Pais, CEDECS, among others. vLex has more than 17,000 customers worldwide including legal professionals, administrations and institutions. Some of their most important customers are Yale University, Sorbonne in Paris, University of California, Berkeley, Cuatrecasas, Garrigues, among others. Headquartered in Barcelona and trade delegation in Madrid, vLex has offices in United States, Argentina and Venezuela, as well as international distributors around the world.


For example, instead of optimal use better. Reduce the use of jargon and acronyms. Split large paragraphs and trim dense prayers or redundant as if it were a forum for articles. The loose wording can move away to readers. Nobody wants to spend 10 minutes reading a prayer before you get to understand it. Go directly to the grain in the letters, memoranda and messages by email.

Use the active voice whenever possible. This will help to make your writing concise and will keep the reader following an agile rhythm in the document. For example, instead of typing, the proposals they will be reviewed by the selection Committee, I should write, selection Committee will review the proposals. Avoid the sense of humor inappropriate. If I had to include a joke or a comment within a message by email, leave it to the end. 3 Must create formats for documents properly create formats for your documents to ensure that they are easy to read as well as appropriate for the type of document in question.

Use the font such as Times New Roman serif fonts for the text. They are easier to read. (Serifs are small seals or ornaments of the letters). Try to limit the use of typefaces in the font sans-serif such as the Arial in titles or captions. Leave margins without justifying rather than justified. Keep paragraphs short to avoid intimidating blocks of text. Vary the number of lines per paragraph to make that document is more interesting to view. Use lists marked with bullets and subtitles to make complex material easier to understand and to add visual appeal. If appropriate, use graphics, maps or other devices to help convey the important information but do not reload the document with superfluous details. In email messages, delete inappropriate titles and leave the original message so that the reader can put your reply in context. Remember though electronic messages may be more informal, constituting yet commercial correspondence. Be sure to include a greeting and finished with a polite farewell, have very into account the previous tips to write a good article or correspondence, to future you vera reflected the results. 4. Keep on hand drafting instruments spelling Correctors of the computer can be very helpful, but do not trust them to discover all their mistakes. Keep some basic hand drafting instruments. Buy a good dictionary and one of like-minded. Use a manual of style such as The Chicago Manual of Style or The United States Government Printing Office Style Manual, for guidance. A style guide may offer you some ideas such as which words should carry letters and when you must abbreviate words. Ask your customers if they have any preference. If possible, request a technical editor to review your work. Remember that to write well, you need patience and practice so get good income for your items if this is the case. Read examples of good writing from novels up to marketing materials can also be invaluable to improve your own writing.

Such As Renting An Office

Currently, rent an office space can be a crucial activity for productivity and growth of your company; It however, we must choose the place in advance. You plan what you want, save provision to reach it and read these tips. 1) Get in touch with a real estate agent commercial real estate will help you to find the Office appropriate to your business. Agents have a very good nose in what goods roots concerns and can even seek the services of a company specializing in leasing offices. (2) Discusses the improvements you will need the Office by which you decide. The improvements you want to make in the workplace must be subject to a contract, especially if prices are high. (3) Carefully review parking, i.e., under what conditions it is, if you’re going to have the right to certain places, or if you’re simply going to have to compete for a place on the street. (4) You can share space with another company, this Perhaps it would bring you a cheaper rent, but it could be a blow to your privacy and that of your employees.

(5) Take a look at the companies that offer rental of offices for small and medium-sized enterprises, perhaps find better cost and quality Office. You can do a search online under the terms rent of offices, that will help you to have several alternatives that meet. (6) Considers the possibilities of renting offices all inclusive. While the price may be a little higher, many of these offices usually have access to excellent office equipment and conference rooms, thus reducing the initial costs of space and equipment. In some cases they also provide a receptionist.

(7) Read the lease very well. Check your monthly payment, the duration of the lease, the responsibilities of the owner and other clauses such as increased income, etc. Asked if the contract includes maintenance of the Office and do not forget to check the telephone lines, cable, Internet service and communication connections. (8) Check the date of occupation, very well if there are options to extend the contract and termination of this. (9) Hires the services of a lawyer of goods roots who not only specializes in contract negotiations, but they also learn much of their area and have vast experience in the field.