The Pupils

The unfamiliarity of literature, and, therefore, of the authors, makes with that they are not recognized as ' ' clssicos' '. Despite it has left significant of the pupils declares to like the workmanship deals, the fact of being ' ' clssico' ' it is not valued. They read many them without analyzing, the author. They read exactly for influence of friends, or to be workmanships that are in height, in fashion. In the truth, many know history for having seen adapted films, that in turn also it possesss immense differences, good distant of the original. Another question important to stand out is the reading of fictions, on the part of the pupils, who are not considered by critical the literary one as literature. Many of the explanations of the consideration if do not base on the question of the language, in the lingusticos aspects, the lack atemporalidade of the workmanship, concerning the personages, treated subjects, amongst others.

However, it is not our work here, to criticize of negative form the reading of the new fictions for the pupils of average education, with how much we think that it opens routes of diversified readings, new knowledge, and other aspects, such which the fomented ones for the readings of the classics. Being thus, talo Calvin very points well the question of if reading and if knowing the workmanships classic, therefore these serve to understand who are and where we want to arrive. However, the pleasure of the reading of the classics must be rescued and be stimulated, mainly to the young of average education, therefore before the taste, to read one classic possesss a social value. Best literature must be known simply because this configures a civility and culture standard. The classics in classroom must be rescued, and be absorbed in a very special way. Because ' ' youth communicates to the act to read as to any another experience a particular flavor and an importance; to the step that in the maturity is appraised (many details, levels and meanings would have to be appreciated) mais' ' , it defined Calvin (1993, p.10.) this is the paper of the school: to make possible the access to the fiction of quality of pleasant form.

Nicholas Maquiavel

The politics concept can be directed science to govern, to direct, to manage, the State. Science that can be infusa, that does not demand scientific studies, or science based on scientific principles, for another one scope the politics is the astuteness of if arriving at the power and if keeping in it. The historian, poet, diplomat, musician and Italian philosopher of the Renaissance, Nicholas Maquiavel (1469 – 1527) understand the politics as the art to govern, to direct the State and the maintenance of the power. Maquiavel did not trace a concept of what it is the politics, but displays in its book ‘ ‘ Prncipe’ ‘ as politics becomes.

Maquiavel warns ‘ ‘ prncipe’ ‘ of the possibilities, to extend e, of if keeping in the power, either conquering new peoples or its proper one. ‘ ‘ Who becomes gentleman of an accustomed city to live free, and it does not destroy it, it will be destroyed by it, because it always will invoke, in the rebellion, the name of its freedom and its old order. Which nor passing I fear of it nor the benefits never will make to forget. It does not matter what to become or precautions that if to take, if not to exhaust the inhabitants, them will not forget that name and that order; to minor they will remember the incident them (…) But, when the cities or provinces are accustomed to live under the government of a prince and its blood disappears, being of a side customary to obey e, of another one, not having this old prince, they do not arrive at an agreement to choose another one and they do not know to live in freedom: therefore they are slower in taking weapons and with more easiness a prince will be able conquest them and to conserve them in its poder.’ ‘ (MAQUIAVEL.


Recently I had myself to encounter mass media through an article of respecting that announces how the exercise that creates the fat. Now my primary target is mainly the handling of the pain and the increase of the functional resistance and the mobility that through the activities that are used to obtain this a natural by-product sees product of the loss of weight, reason why would be arranged to be in discord totally with that affirmation. The same concept that the exercise creates the fat is an absolute triviality I I could not sit down and maintain the mouth here closed on the matter. One of the points of the article that I read is that what you eat controls much if causes the fat or no, and I am in agreement with that. You cannot consume doughnuts, Twinkies, dingdongs, eaten congealed processings loaded of common table salt, or their favorite tea sugar and wash it with its favorite beer while one trains as a crazy person during 90 minutes to the day and still hopes to lower of weight. There is all type of additives in our foods that, without knowing it make us get fat.

This eating its salads with a dressing with more than 10 grams of sugar by portion originating of the maize syrup of high fructose. Perhaps it was the addition of bilberries droughts in its salad of a value of 25 grams of sugar by portion in the part superior of the equivalent to 4 portions of dressing. The article also is going to say that the main point is that the exercise abre the appetite, therefore, when exercise becomes you are going to eat more, and because more eats not burning fire the fat. By all means that is going to be hungry after the exercise. That is the moment for feeding its body with something of thin protein, natural carbohydrates and fiber.

Regionalism in Workmanship

Searching to identify regionalistic characteristics in its workmanship, proven for the strong feeling of love to the land, it is that this work is subsidized in bibliographical research that assists in this understanding. We will approach the workmanship ‘ ‘ Bichos’ ‘ but we stand out that this thematic one can be found in the vast literary production of Miguel Torga what only evidences the attachment to the traditions, the land, its people, the elements that Torga in a deep privacy can portray with allegiance and only become visible the eyes of all. WORDS KEY: Regionalistic literature. Miguel Torga. Land.

1-INTRODUCTION This work has for purpose to present the regionalistic style of Miguel Torga, although fought for the proper one, but that it is proven in the telluric feeling, the love to the land, analyzed in the workmanship Animals, necessarily in stories ‘ ‘ Madalena’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Vicente’ ‘. What it makes possible in them to study and to know a little more than this great expression artistic Portuguese who was the writer Miguel Torga. 2- THE DEFINITION OF WHAT ‘ IS REGIONAL IN THE WORKMANSHIP; ‘ BICHOS’ ‘ OF MIGUEL TORGA Miguel pseudonymous Torga of Adolph Leather strap of the Rock was born in Is Martinho de Anta in its beloved Backwards Mounts, between Village Real and Bragana, situated between a cold zone and another hot one. ‘ ‘ A kingdom maravilhoso’ ‘ , he is as soon as the author describes its native land and that it starts to exaltar in its workmanships, being described landscapes, citing customs and beliefs, disclosing to us personages that represent its simple and humble people, as well as it.

High Voa

He concluded that the questions would be inconvenient and said farewell themselves: _ Boitat will honor the confidence, and in this distrainment its life! It was moved away, slowly e, in a glance, observed that they remained seated and only they would be moved when the noise of the automobile more was not audible. In the police station, it dialed a number, it said its name and one set to wait it. Seconds later another voice took care of and asked: _ Is the voice biggest? _ Yes! It can continue! _ Achei a farm, literally, of the other world. We can talk? _ More fast possible! I will have to travel? _ Is not the ideal moment. Many things happen. It goes to arrive asked for of mount of money pra long trip and important mission. Literally, of the other world! _ Acho that I understood! If it is that I understood! _ High Voa, and will understand well better! _ My God, is really? _ Secular and radioactive! _ Until briefing and good luck! _ Even! Idem! I go to try to go there! It disconnect and it gave a sigh.

The secret is unmasked and repassed, much even so in incomplete way, and the group who if took care of. Thick lead was come It recovered the spirit, beat with hands on the table, were arisen, in the impulse and spoke in high voice, as for itself exactly: _ Personal, I find that I have right to a good bath, right? What such a stroll even in house, now? Who goes with me? Unusual of hearing to speak in that way, the policemen entreolharam themselves and if they had raised, to follow it. In those few days, it passes in the concept of them of simple moleque irresponsible for a courageous man and of irreproachable character. _ Vamos to give passing in the hospital, the city hall, the houses of the mayor and the Dr. Silvano. One esticadinha of stocking to one hour, not more!