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German economy back on expansion course according to the current publications of the KfW, by August 2013(1), the German economy back on unique course of expansion. In addition to the catch-up in construction activity from this year’s spring, also the central stand see a further recovery and the clearer and stronger trend towards economic growth. Economic growth and improved prospects for the sales of its services and products, encourage entrepreneurs also make ourselves to invest in their own company. The surprisingly positive figures from August 2013 is, that the expected increase in heavily increased in almost all key industries. Also, the wholesale trade as middlemen expects growth. The low interest rate for investment represents an additional, very high incentive for entrepreneurs, which now tend to invest. The conditions for investments in the structure, the consolidation or the expansion of the own company, can be not cheaper. Entrepreneurs should take this opportunity now to Infrastructure of the own company to invest.

In August 2013, the proven and innovative German software and business solution SAP introduced Business-One(2), with release 9 in the market. The world market leader for business software works with a strong partner network of consulting firms and distributors nationwide. The pro-consultant GmbH(3) is also an experienced partner, which has been active for more than 10 years in the solution-oriented advice for medium-sized companies. As investing entrepreneurs, you have the ability to allow for medium-sized and small businesses finance themselves even consulting services, hardware, and software launching liquidity gently with an investment planning by hire purchase or leasing. To do this, the pro consultant works GmbH with reputable suppliers and even directly with SAP. Today’s investment is the success of tomorrow! KfW-ifo SME barometer: August 2013 solutions.phtml home.phtml contact : pro-consultant GmbH Michael Probst winter Muhlenhof 4 53639 Konigswinter, Germany FON: + 49 (0) 22 23 90 98-747 fax: + 49 (0) 22 23 90 98 749

Gran Sabana

That is accustomed to traveling, knows that it is always necessary to start someday. Paulo Coelho brief background towards long who hoped to have the opportunity to meet the vast Savannah, I had never submitted, and the times that he had planned, not carried out or simply had a disability that made it impossible for me to do so. In this December, specifically the 15 had the chance to undertake the journey by land, accompanying a friend, leaving Valencia which is at a distance of 1500 Kmts approximately 15 hours of travel by car through a road that leaves a great deal to say, by the neglect of its maintenance of the mayors, Governors of States that we are going through.Road with many gaps, in poor conditions, where there have been many accidents, as well as being full of holes, which seriously affects cars, as in our case, we suffer the loss of a rubber what exploded to fall into a hole, and that fortunately did not step problems older. On it, he gives us lagransabana.com. that it is located in the South of VENEZUELA, in Bolivar State, near the border with Brazil and Guyana. It can be reached by land and by air.

From Caracas on land they are about 18 hours of trip approximately, and the tourist home on Earth is the stone of the Virgin that welcomes us to the Canaima National Park in the Km98. after the village of Las Claritas. The name of La Gran Sabana is due to agent traveller, then Explorer and miner, Juan Maria Mundo Freixas, native of Cataluna-Spain, who in September 1929 in Caracas Venezuelan culture – magazine published an article where mentioned to the Gran Sabana by this name, and claimed that it was a simple version to Castilian which gave indigenous people, which according to world was Teipun – Gran Sabana-.


In a moment in which we find ourselves where the image and aesthetics are just as important becomes vital for many people caring their physical appearance to the millimeter. And that means, among other things, carry out various hair treatments. Many are products that exist in the market than van intended to care for the hair, however, some prefer to opt more for home remedies, by simple tricks much cheaper. Thus, for example, there are various formulas to achieve hair leave be so dry, a problem that may be due to the use of shampoos that are very strong both hereditary factors. The proposal that is made to combat this problem is to bet by applying a mask made from eggs, almond milk and milk that is to maintain in hair for 30 minutes approximately.

Who on the other hand what you need is to know treatments of hair for excess fat nothing better that use known horsetail infusion. This applies in the head and left during fifteen minutes after washing it, and finally past that time will rinse. And continuing with the homemade tricks, nothing better than bet also for them to achieve a shiny hair. In this case, there are many remedies grandmother that exist and among them one might highlight use beer as a means of flush head. Thus, once washed this we proceed to remove shampoo with water and finally this drink which will then be evaporating.

In this same line, there is another trick very effective but somewhat more complex to prepare. It’s a shampoo made with aloe and honey. Doing so requires the following ingredients: whisky, aloe pulp and honey shampoo. Products all them that will be conveniently mixed. The result will be stored in a dark place for six months, past that time may be used and begin to apply giving magnificent results that will be noticeable within a few days. Lemon, parsley, Orange leaves sour or egg whites are other products recommended used to achieve that desired glossy hair that everyone left with their mouths open. Treatment of hair, hair loss and conditioning balm treatment


Hikikomori Teodulo Lopez Melendez the Japanese word hikikomori mean isolation. One of every ten young Japanese is suffering from it. They enclose in your home or even in their own bedrooms for long periods, sleep day and night take refuge on television or on the computer. Some say that they live in the imagination. Psychiatrists speak of social disease.

Others refer to the matter as a result of the growth of the Japanese economy in the second half of the 20th century. Those interested in cultural problems come the hikikomori as a consequence of the lies embedded in the historical values of Japanese society that celebrate the solitude. Psychiatrists speak of the role assigned to the mother who must care for these guys until they come into maturity and load again. They are sometimes violent. They are, perhaps, the end of passion for the digital culture and a rejection of extreme life of competition. In any case created a fictitious space, one where to stop time and limited to ends into space. This is what Star Trek was called holoseccion. Psychiatry still doesn’t talk about syndrome, but the truth is that already involves the disappearance of happening everyday of one million young Japanese when writers we isolate to fulfill our task or when older people already consider having seen enough we can seem to us to conduct that was called Diogenes syndrome.

However, this abandonment of the hikikomori in the ennui and boredom comes not from any ailment-related cause physical and apparently none psychic that can be described within the known manuals. Perhaps we could call it a new disease of the century. Moreover, who perfectly embodies the syndrome attributed to Diogenes of Sinepe is the Russian mathematician Grigori Grisha Yakovlevich Perelman, considered the greatest among all the living mathematicians, who solved the famous Poincare conjecture, proposed in 1904 and regarded as one of the most important and difficult in mathematics open problems.