Germany Star

5 Star presenters for international appearances – to customer events often come many guests from different countries more and more companies operate internationally. Many guests from different countries come to customer events for this reason. The English language is often chosen even as corporate language. It is often difficult to find the appropriate moderator who mastered several languages and can be a real highlight are the event. But these concerns a thing of the past. The host agency 5 star presenters helps here quickly and competently in the selection of the appropriate moderator. In the portfolio are top presenters, which fluent in several languages.

New at the 5 star is the cheerful hosts and good looking presenter Jin Liang, the four languages dominated and accompanied events on request with the piano. Hardly a moderator speaks Chinese, English, Russian and German as fluently as the elegant and energetic Jin Liang. Initially, the native Chinese studied in Russia. As the German Language and culture so much loves, she then came to Germany. NI hao ma, good evening, good evening, and??? ????? (dobrij vetscher!) “, as she welcomes her audience and she amazed at each stage, which is her second home.

Virtuosic, as her hands playing the piano over the keys fly, it switches the languages of their presentations and makes every guest feel welcome. Difficult issues on the Conference agenda and intercultural differences charming circumnavigates them with linguistic finesse and leads to the success of any event. As a young entrepreneur, she knows from economic issues. With her flair for people and music she achieved their goals of moderation competently and reliably. And for all ages and nationalities. We are very pleased to have Jin Liang as presenter and pianist in our team”, so Heinrich Asissh Kamau, owner of 5 star teams. Known from many shows and movies on the television actor Michael Lesch is the 5 star team, can be booked for events in German and English.