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This makes that you implants processes that are uncomfortable for the sales force, which have to spend much time completing information and running tasks that only benefit the management of the company, but are unable to support the work of sales or not provide added value to the customer. The first fundamental recommendation is to define clearly the purpose to be achieved with the SFA project, evaluating the goals of each of the groups of interest in the topic. To ask yourself this question, comes another which corresponds to what are interest groups? Very important to think about what are the processes necessary to achieve the sales force out to the field to meet prospects and customers. To the extent that the process becomes more scientific and less empirical, surely come afloat activities such as the following: how distribute customers so they are visited by the sales force? Many sellers must be allocated? How I distribute customers and prospects to this sales force? What is the methodology necessary and more effective to schedule the visits? What are indicators of measurement that I define the sales force? What kind of information and tools should I give to sellers to perform its work? How I call them the business plans and tactics that we must continue with the market? What mechanisms use to assign them their goals and budgets? Should the process followed to achieve greater productivity in their work? How should you do to communicate their results to the company and its management? What we do so that your time is more dedicated to serving customers and less on administrative tasks Well, these are only some of the activities that a director must have clearly defined and assigned to able to prepare the ground before tell you to the sales force that go out to the field to serve clients..