Conjugal Relationship

brakes the person. The men need to change its habits disfigure alone without saying where go, sleeping outside of house, manteremconversas and tricks with other women and to want to standardize suasesposas. In the same way the women with its husbands. The obligatoriness of the submission to the husband can at the beginning be queuma of the biggest difficulties faced soon of casamentoseja, aquelasque always had mainly been independent. Our advice:. They make the possible one to live with certain distance of the paternal house. To inhabit with the parents, or in cmodos yielded in> Therefore seupai will leave the man and its mother and will become attached it its woman and will be both a meat None of the two will have to act separately, to take decisesindividualmente and to disrespect the opinions of the other.

The life of casados a partnership, one> together Andaro two, if will not be in agreement? Am.3: 3. Lack of amorO conjugal love can be compared with a small plant that to necessitaser adubada, irrigated and protecting so that it can grow, to florir to eproduzir its fruits. Thus it will have to be the relationship of the couple. Affection, respect, attention and love are the ingredients insubstituveispara the growth and matureness of the marriage. It is good for remembering that overdadeiro conjugal love does not cool nor diminishes with passing> Therefore its father will leave the man and its mother will eapegar it its woman the tears, sadnesses and frustrations comeamquando one decides to substitute the other. To the times, the routine can take umapessoa to look some type of escape, such as: To pass very tempoassistindo television, playing with video games and sailing close, do not question, it does not think and it does not dialogue. The other says eela does not answer, and when it answers, it makes question to reaffirm suaposio of neutrality.

Leaving the criterion of the other asresponsabilidades of the decisions. The mutismo is deeply harmful, accurately because it inhibits outrapessoa, discouraging the approach and the dialogue. Such which house closed floodgates and windows, hindering the light it sun to enter, thus is apessoa that it is isolated in its complexes, leaving to exert one dascoisas more beautiful of> life: To speak! The dialogue is an infallible remedy for the cure of many males queassolam the couples. Dialoguing the people if they understand, if they pardon ecolocam the life in normality. The dialogue can be compared with one pistade two hands, one that goes, another one that comes. That is, one speaks, outroresponde. Each one to its time, with calm, seriousness and respect. Alongevidade of a marriage if measures for the intensity of the docasal dialogue. The practical one of the mutismo is one of the forms subtlest of the orgulhohumano. To eliminate it is wise and constructive decision.