Get noticed places cluttered things, colors and textures to saturate the view and the harmony of the environment, because here we give you the option of using the trend of minimalist spaces where less is more. This trend complies in using figures geometric simple in decoration, as well as smooth fabrics without textures, tending to use the white color on the walls giving feeling of cleaning in the home, Office, or room. The simplicity of minimalism gives space to use a low budget for decoration, offers elegance, lighting, harmony and economy. One of the changes produced by the minimalism in the decoration was the use of elements such as the polished cement, glass, steel wires. Also take into account the use of the neutral shades such as white, black and gray monochrome; use them in your movilario, floors, walls; This does not mean that you eliminate the rest of the chromatic range in your decoration already which soon can be used in your environment a green plant in a corner, or a monochrome floral decoration in shades of red, without exaggerating or falling into excesses because the idea is to keep the space as free, simple and clean as possible, generating freshness using nature in an area of your home then so give warmth, rest in the eyes and we break the monotony by using single tone as blank in the utensils. Every detail counts in terms of decor. It takes into account also the quality of the products that you’ll use to give rein to this project, especially in the smooth finish that must have walls. It uses a coating to cover cracks and smooth surface; Additionally uses high coverage Matt water paint to achieve a flawless job because not all whites are equal, the more high quality plus white paint is the product, removes any imperfection of stay, such as fungi, peelings, dirt, fat so you will achieve a lasting work and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your effort. Original author and source of the article.