Google AdSense

There are many people on the Internet today willing to earn decent money by building so-called micro sites niches.The concept and the approach behind these types of websites is very simple.Take a small niche, whether related information or related products, and create a site centered around words key specific.Certain key words allows you to classify more easily in the search engines such as Google and attract traffic when people are looking for specific keywords. It is not as easy as it looks, however.First of all you must have a bit of knowledge when it comes to building websites.Then you should be able to find keywords with precision of a profitable niche that should not only get enough traffic to make it worthwhile, but these keywords should also have a minimum of competition so that you are capable of high rank for these keywords.This is called keyword search and it can be consumed long time if not performed correctly.It is also important that the niche to which they are directed is a business profitable, or at least one that get paid you enough so that their efforts are worth the penalty. Once you find a niche destination, the construction of the web site is the easy part.The hard part comes when trying to classify this website, providing different types of links that allow return.Back links are obtained in many ways, such as social bookmarking, the signature of messages from the Forum, writing articles and submitting to directories, and much more.The ranking of a web site takes time and constant effort.If we stick to it, however, you are sure to see your website move slowly up the ranks of Google for your keyword. With Micro niche websites you can make money in a variety of ways, but mostly using stores online like Amazon affiliate programs or showing ads pay per click networks like Google AdSense.AdSense uses scripts inserted in their web pages that automatically analyzes your page and displays relevant ads.When users click on these ads, you will receive a payment that can go from 5 cents to several dollars.The amount you pay depends on the amount of advertisers by ads are paying to display ads. Since Micro niches are usually very small, it is common that people will build many micro niche sites to increase income slowly over time.There are many people who make a very good life with the construction of web sites of micro niches every day.If you decide that you want to give him a chance, be sure to have patience and are willing to put the work. You won’t see much money at first, but if we stick to the job surely you can see grow their income month after month. If you want to speed up the process and make money quickly, follow the course that gives us this web site