High Voa

He concluded that the questions would be inconvenient and said farewell themselves: _ Boitat will honor the confidence, and in this distrainment its life! It was moved away, slowly e, in a glance, observed that they remained seated and only they would be moved when the noise of the automobile more was not audible. In the police station, it dialed a number, it said its name and one set to wait it. Seconds later another voice took care of and asked: _ Is the voice biggest? _ Yes! It can continue! _ Achei a farm, literally, of the other world. We can talk? _ More fast possible! I will have to travel? _ Is not the ideal moment. Many things happen. It goes to arrive asked for of mount of money pra long trip and important mission. Literally, of the other world! _ Acho that I understood! If it is that I understood! _ High Voa, and will understand well better! _ My God, is really? _ Secular and radioactive! _ Until briefing and good luck! _ Even! Idem! I go to try to go there! It disconnect and it gave a sigh.

The secret is unmasked and repassed, much even so in incomplete way, and the group who if took care of. Thick lead was come It recovered the spirit, beat with hands on the table, were arisen, in the impulse and spoke in high voice, as for itself exactly: _ Personal, I find that I have right to a good bath, right? What such a stroll even in house, now? Who goes with me? Unusual of hearing to speak in that way, the policemen entreolharam themselves and if they had raised, to follow it. In those few days, it passes in the concept of them of simple moleque irresponsible for a courageous man and of irreproachable character. _ Vamos to give passing in the hospital, the city hall, the houses of the mayor and the Dr. Silvano. One esticadinha of stocking to one hour, not more!