Higher Demands On The Supervisory Board

A professional-quality personnel selection plays an increasingly important role. Over 300 business leaders and boards of German listed companies (corporations, large enterprises and leading medium-sized companies) to the new role of the Supervisory Board were questioned in a survey. Therefore, the majority of the managers surveyed the first management level not by the qualification of its supervisory board is convinced. You judged the award of mandates as critical. 12% were of the opinion that more than half of the Supervisory Board had received only its name due to its mandate. 72% expect a professionalization of the Board with the introduction of the German accounting law modernisation Act (BilmoG), not least, to secure the competitiveness of their companies. Also about half for an international cast of supervisory board members came out.

That the Supervisory Board by the mere function should evolve to fellow entrepreneurs and sparring partners at eye level, 23% wanted the Top-manager. However, the Supervisory Board can only fulfill his duty, and if it supports a strong, competent and operative management, correctly and comprehensively informed him. In return the Supervisory Board must give the Board whenever a certain leap of faith. In the conclusion, it needs professional oversight committees that are appointed not due to your great name, but on the basis of the required personality profile and its exact professional competence. The HSH + S convinced management and personnel Consulting GmbH since 1994 through expert advice and years of experience in the industry.

This has already proven the company many national as well as international clients. The occupation rate of over 95% is a more meaningful indicator and probably unique in the industry. The strong customer orientation, a clear value system and the high-performance needs ensure the success of the HSH + S Executive Search headhunters. Core competence is classic headhunting in the sense of direct search of specialized professionals up to the Executive search for the top management of renowned companies.