Language Common

The impoverishment of language goes hand in hand with the impoverishment of thought. It may be a myth that new interactive languages (Internet, celebrity, TV) are the culprits of the impoverishment of language and thought; It seems the effect for the cause (put the effect for the cause is a current ideology), so that the essential cause is thought. How to build thinking? One swallow does not make a summer. The societies that depend on the thought of other societies more developed are those that have more poor language and this language is the second most spoken in the world. If the language is constructed and articulates from thinking that is thinking? It is not that this is information because you have Internet so has thinking; is not the country which has more universities have more thought; Why universities have become large schools without thinking; If you thought part of criticism, whether criticism pure is not the thought, the thought goes more beyond. If the language and the thinking unite us to the past and we projected to the future, then the language is innovation and tradition; but to make it innovation has to be tradition: the tradition that unites us to the language is the tradition of our founders as homeland: (thinkers) intellectuals who thought our continent: rolled, Sarmiento, Alfonso Reyes, Andres Bello etc.

If those names are forgotten is lost thought (because that is also the thinking and language), because the thought also has a historical reference. The language, is so impoverished when the historical reference is forgotten, and not constructed science or innovation, because his mortal enemy is Utilitarianism in this branch. If society lost thought, citizens are helpless before the advance of the media and become vanes (good wind and good sea). To who could interest you this: the Mamluks, the multinationals, to the satraps of all kinds, by having trade, you don’t have industry, nor have thought, nor much less language.