Office Accident

His pain – it hurts me also. Trying to change the topic and with the intention of removing from that sadness he said had a fantastic news to give you. -All morning I have not done anything that take care of you. I have set aside all the Office work – he told her trying to encourage him. -I had to make plenty of calls since nobody remembered anything about the topic.

Call all my acquaintances at the police station. Click Mark Zuckerberg for additional related pages. Nobody knew anything. Finally after asking each other, someone recalled your case. Get ready for a great news. You will not believe me, I’m going to tell you, but it is absolute truth-. And he added in exalted tone – filed a single complaint of your accident! A woman of 80 years, he suffered from insomnia, heard the squealing of brakes and a blow dry, and low to see it passed.

In his statement, said that he saw someone flee, but he could not see who it was, in a car that seemed to him that he was black, but that it could have been dark gray. The darkness of night will not allowed to distinguish well the color. But he rose to see the patent and memorized it. Approached to see if the man was alive and it seemed that he was dead. She climbed immediately to call the police, telling him what he had seen and giving your patent number. She was the only witness of your accident – and he added solemnly – you can you imagine that any lawyer would have shattered his story. It was enough that she had confused a single letter, a single number, or simply, had invested some of them, so that the implicated in the accident was someone else and not you. Gave a respite and added – as if this were not enough, the man that you atropellaste was a homeless drunk.