Regionalism in Workmanship

Searching to identify regionalistic characteristics in its workmanship, proven for the strong feeling of love to the land, it is that this work is subsidized in bibliographical research that assists in this understanding. We will approach the workmanship ‘ ‘ Bichos’ ‘ but we stand out that this thematic one can be found in the vast literary production of Miguel Torga what only evidences the attachment to the traditions, the land, its people, the elements that Torga in a deep privacy can portray with allegiance and only become visible the eyes of all. WORDS KEY: Regionalistic literature. Miguel Torga. Land.

1-INTRODUCTION This work has for purpose to present the regionalistic style of Miguel Torga, although fought for the proper one, but that it is proven in the telluric feeling, the love to the land, analyzed in the workmanship Animals, necessarily in stories ‘ ‘ Madalena’ ‘ ‘ ‘ Vicente’ ‘. What it makes possible in them to study and to know a little more than this great expression artistic Portuguese who was the writer Miguel Torga. 2- THE DEFINITION OF WHAT ‘ IS REGIONAL IN THE WORKMANSHIP; ‘ BICHOS’ ‘ OF MIGUEL TORGA Miguel pseudonymous Torga of Adolph Leather strap of the Rock was born in Is Martinho de Anta in its beloved Backwards Mounts, between Village Real and Bragana, situated between a cold zone and another hot one. ‘ ‘ A kingdom maravilhoso’ ‘ , he is as soon as the author describes its native land and that it starts to exaltar in its workmanships, being described landscapes, citing customs and beliefs, disclosing to us personages that represent its simple and humble people, as well as it.