Espirito Santo

Data aiming at the consolation Dos Santos? Jo. 14:16: ‘ ‘ I will supplicate the Father, and it he will give another Comforter to you, so that he is with you forever ‘ ‘. h. Data for that they obey the God? At. 5:32: ‘ ‘ we are witnesses of these things, and well thus the Espirito Santo, that God gave to whom it obedecem’ ‘.

5. NAMES ATTRIBUTED TO the Espirito Santo. Spirit of Really? Jo. 14:17: ‘ ‘ the Spirit of the truth, which the world cannot receive; because it sees not it knows nor it; but know it, because it inhabits with you, and will be in vs’ ‘. Joo: 15:26? ‘ ‘ When to come the Comforter, who will send I you of the part of the Father, the Spirit of the truth, who of the Father proceeds, this will give certification of mim’ ‘. b.

Spirit of the Favour? Zc. 12:10: ‘ ‘ But on the house of Davi, and the inhabitants of Jerusalem, I will spill Spirit of favour and suplications; will look at for that one to who had assigned, they will prantearo and it as who pranteia for its only son; will cry bitterly for it, as it is cried for primognito’ ‘. c. Spirit of the Life? Rm. 8:2: ‘ ‘ Because the law of the Spirit of the life, in Christ Jesus exempted, you of the law of the sin and morte’ ‘. d. Spirit of the Promise? E. 1:13: ‘ ‘ in which also it, having heard the word of the truth, evangelho of your salvation, and having in believed it also, were stamped with the Espirito Santo of the promise ‘ ‘. e. Spirit of Adoption? Rm. 8:15: ‘ ‘ Because you did not receive the spirit from slavery, another time to be with fear, but you received the spirit from adoption, for which we clamamos: Border, Father! ‘ ‘.

Christian God

It is the faith in Jesus Christ who unifies all the peoples, not to be evanglico catholic or. It is the direction of ' ' that all are um' '. The union for the faith, explicit or implicit, of all the peoples pardoned for the Lamb is that it forms the Church of God. The Church is, therefore, the meeting of all the people who adhere the Jesus Christ for the explicit faith (confessional) or implicit (antropolgica faith), are they mistreat, Christians, Muslim, or men and women of good will, according to ecumenical spirit of Jesus and Vatican Conclio II. The ones that had washed vestments in the blood of the Lamb are peoples of all the races, languages nations, until that never they heard to speak of Jesus, but, moved for the Spirit of God, who blows where he wants, had practised good workmanships (AP 7,9-14; TM 25,31-46). The multitude of the peoples, safe nations for the faith in the immolated Lamb is that it constitutes the true Church of God, not only the Church Catholic. Thanks to God! Therefore the Creed would have to say ' ' I believe in the Church of Deus' ' , not ' ' I believe in the Catlica&#039 Church; ' , to prevent the closing of this on same itself, disdaining other Churches, creeds and ideologies, that live Good the New practising ethical values, as the sincere atheists, men and women of good will of any creed, ideology, culture. Before being catholic, who believes is Christian, therefore its faith is Christ. We suggest, therefore, the following evolutivas formularizations of the Creed Jew-Christian: 1) The Jewish historical Creed: Shema Israel ' ' It hears, Israel: Jav our God is the only Jav (saving). Therefore, you will love Jav all your God with yours heart, with all your soul and all your force.

Shield Agreement

The man who spills its heart in the feet Mr. confessing its sins, recognizing its insignificncia before God, and these actions is carried through of all agreement and of all heart, the chemical changes that occur in this human being are so intense, that it is impossible to describe them with words of man. More why occur these changes? The answers are in the promises of God, when we see in Sayings 2; versicles of 1 the 8–; SON mine, if to accept my words, and to hide with you my orders, to make your intent ear to the wisdom; to incline your heart to the agreement; If clamares for knowledge, and intelligence alares your voice, If as the silver to search and as the hidden treasures to look for, Then you will understand the fear Mr., and will find the knowledge of God. Because Mr. of a wisdom, and its mouth is that he comes the knowledge and the agreement. It reserves the true wisdom for the rectums. Shield is for that they walk in the sincerity, so that they keep the trails of the judgment. It will preserve the way of its saints.

– the rectums (honest, sincere, fidiciary offices in the word, of character unit ……) – Saints (separate of dirts of the world, luxury, idolatria, robbery, drugs.) In another article still of the same author, we find the description of plus one ' ' Experiment. That it was carried through by the Institute Heart Math and in it if observed the DNA of the placenta human being (the DNA form oldest) that it was placed in a container where its alterations could be measured. 28 samples in pipes of assay for one had been distributed exactly number of previously trained investigators. Each investigator was trained to generate and to emit feelings and each one could have forts emotions.