The Exercise

And it is that I intend later to archaeologically rebuild my life with existential sculpture pieces that are truly worth the penalty. The exercise of catharsis that employs in my can model. Before that nothing should I talk about the constant that has been my life until some few ago years (which I fortunately have changed), which took me in a certain way to sadness, loneliness, absence and melancholy. I am referring to the fact that my way of thinking was negative and complemented with a hint of bitterness. Why I thought that way and was able to endure the pain? This undoubtedly has to do with social conditioning and more likely, by the dynamics of the family with which I had to live, grow, learn, know, birth and death. My family taught me to not wanting me to devalue me, to not let me have clarity about the meaning of my life. To hate, to long for the power to destroy, it is true, unfortunately bad experiences we all have and is precisely what I do not like.

Just that’s not fair. I do a small parenthesis please forgive me, I need to ask for forgiveness. At the moment I’m aware that I’ve done harm to some people, I’ve hurt, I’ve done maybe mourn someone, I have offended, I’ve been rude, I lied, I’ve been rude, I’ve been lacking in tuned, I cheated, I’ve failed, I have been breached, I have so many things. With all rock and wish I ask forgiveness. Continuing with the reflection would say that you doing a brief analysis on the decisions and actions that I have taken, I’ve noticed that I’m not a good chess player of life. Every movement I make, rather than challenging it crosses a contingency, a mistake. And think of those life playbook, I truly say, cause me some rather desperate laughter. The rules of the game of chess teach us to meet the challenges, to give the best, always think anticipate or, in the best of cases, to control not only your movements but those of your opponent.