Cabello Temperature

Whenever plates hair, very frequently and badly making use of the plate, have some consequences like, burned and thinned ends, as well as the hair that spend long set out time to the sun. The heat affects the queratina presents/displays in the structure of the hair, that is debilitated and lost beauty. She is why many women think that the plates damage the hair. But that is in fact what happens? This problem was but frequent, when the old plates were used. With new plates, the problem is in the abuse of the temperature or the inadequate and intensive use of the plate.

Thus the best plate is had hair of the market. Also there are protective products thermus, that are applied on the semihumid hair before alder grove it. These treatments would help you to fight the open ends and to protect the hair of the heat of the plate. In addition you must visit your stylist with more frequency and cortarte at least the ends of the hair, would help to give back to him the brightness you and will cause that the hair grows healthy and strong. When you are going to buy a plate, you must choose one that she is effective, fast, with ceramics, temperature control. The effectiveness and rapidity, would help you to obtain the results in less times. There plates that in two or three seconds warm up to high temperatures.

The temperature control, would help you to use the correct temperature to obtain good a smoothing one. Generally the minimum temperature that is used is 120 C – 160 C, following your hair, this temperature is recommended for thin hair. If your hair is heavy, is recommendable that you use more temperature to obtain smooth a perfect one, up to 200 C. The ceramics plates, come with an advanced material that thanks to its composition and treatment, eliminates the static electricity and perfects all the process of smoothing of the hair. In addition that protects your hair. Something very important is that whenever plates hair, him DES a time of rest to the hair between each gangplank thus to avoid to harm the hair. Generally it is recommended to let rest hair one or two days between each ironing. In order to leave it to breathe and that takes forces for the new process. Thus you would avoid the consequences like damaged hair, burned ends, fragile hair, that are not seen immediately, but to future.