Modify the ideas that are strongly rooted in our mind can be a pretty hard task, humans love known to spiritual level, i.e. in our subconscious mind wants to live with ideas that we already know and accept changes more easily if we are entering them slowly. No doubt that enter new ideas to our mind in a slow and subtle is a safe way to do this, but we are facing a big drawback is that there are things we need to change quickly and if possible immediately, but more than likely we will come with a great wall because the subconscious mind ideas innovative and different to which they have been carrying out perceived them as a viruswhich is necessary to defeat. Based on persistence, with a fierce desire to achieve what we want, we will overcome all these drawbacks, at any time you have to cede to the resistance of the mind changes, if we do it then never will be able to take real control of our lives. You are called to freedom, to achieve the things that it has proposed, to overcome obstacles that separate it from a life filled with huge satisfaction, actually obstacles are only on you, so it is time to defeat them. The book I am happy, I’m Rico demonstrates the functioning of three minds and their characteristics: the conscious, subconscious and unconscious, people who have managed to accurately define their goals and objectives then know that the secret of all change lies in installing a new idea into the subconscious mind. You should know that the mind loves what is known by a new idea involving a virus in the spiritual world, the previous ideas have power and cling to stay under any circumstances, then only with persistence and appropriate methods information can be changed in your subconscious mind. .