Luxury Portal Is Launched

Siegburg, Germany, October 17, 2007 – is the new promising luxury portal. Enter into a world of exclusivity and luxury. Allow to intoxicate you of offers for people who can afford luxury experience and for the luxury is a way of life. You will find luxury travel to dream destinations around the world, luxury hotels, which open leave nothing to be desired and luxury resorts where the prominent high society goes on holiday. Luxury cottages providing peace and privacy but with all the comforts and on request with personal staff. Luxury cruises with the most beautiful Clippern or luxury liners and luxury trains such as the legendary Orient-Express. Luxury mobile homes to enjoy the infinite freedom and to renouncing any comforts.

Luxury yachts to you to your own private island to bring, or luxury cars – with or without chauffeur – the relaxed cruising or for uninhibited fun. Luxury PrivatJets, to carry out all of the dates in this globalised world around the globe. Luxury shopping, you have to not only to Dubai fly to find their luxury offerings. Luxury health, reports and offers whether cosmetic surgery or exclusive Zahnpleeching with Brilliantenveredelung, wellness and Spa. And make it not as far as a paternity test comes with Boris Becker.

Enjoy the relaxation on the golf course or the next Ascot races at the luxury-sport. Luxury & money belong together once, you are already a centurion Member? Luxury magazine and real luxury links round off the range of luxurious details. Even if you are not wealthy to indulge in luxury, you can (female) but every now and then with stylish and exclusive accessories yourself, spend a romantic luxury getaway or also even organise a great party in a luxurious atmosphere and observing the resurgent dress codes. Well-known provider could be found for all areas, so that each user can be sure for a few minutes of on his visit to the luxury portal into the glamorous world of high society, the Glamour and jet set to go. More information: press and public relations Bismarck str. 51 53721 Siegburg