Rio De Janeiro

' ' History receives its vocabulary, therefore in its bigger part, of the proper substance of its study. Accepted it, already tired and deformed for long use; ambiguous, you unite, not rare since the origin, as all system of expression that does not result of the severely agreed effort of tcnicos' ' (Bloch 2001:136 p). The last chapter is incomplete, did not receive a heading, it has broken consideraes concerning the causes of the historical facts, and that such causes are not claimed and yes searched, not having as predetermined it makes critical to the positivismo, that a fact is on to the other and that the productions of the proper historian will have consequences and influences. It finishes saying: ' ' Summarizing everything, the causes, in history as in other domnios, they are not claimed. They are buscadas' ' (Bloch 2001:158 p). CONCLUSIONS OF the AUTHORSHIP Are evidenced in the book that some basic slight knowledge on what all history is: social, mutant, transforming, and that history must be problematizada; This workmanship of Bloch ahead portraies of clear, direct and consistent form the position and the performance of the historian of its paper in the society.

Sending for the professor of history of the one clear position of the educator ahead of the importance of history as science of the men. It writes on fundamental concepts of the craft of the historian, synthecizes the historian and its producing function while of the historical knowledge. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCE BLOCH, Marc Leopold Benjamin, Vindication of history, or, the craft of historian. Rio De Janeiro: Jorge Zahar Ed., 2001.

Elite Dealers

That time I believe that this age the factor that more attracts the people for crime. Today I already see different today I find that the money in faster and easy way that in one day of drudgery is what it calls the young ones for the crime. today the thing this worse. Therefore today the younger dealers are leading each time each time more inconsequential. What it becomes the dealer each crueler time. This region was headquarters and base of the crime per many years. Losing Control 1.

The war in this area alone would diminish in the year of after 2002.em almost the one decade of U war was imprisoned was withheld in $fortaleza in luxury hotel. In day 11 of September of 2002. the dealers of the Red Command had initiated a rebellion in the Bangu penitentiary! had killed U and its brothers-in-law who also integrated its group. This fact this portraied at the beginning of the film Troop of the Elite 2. The only difference of the film it is that There U gains the Cole name and Fernando is situated near the border of sea and Marcinho vp had been unified in an only person the Beirada.a and detail in the real life the outlaws had painted had embroidered and they had not finished as Eaves. The War Continues. Although the Death of U was not still in this hour that the dealers of the CV would take Good bye.

Therefore dealing of the group of U. Jacar and DJ had given a coup d etat and had taken the leadership of the mount of the family of U. These two would not reign for much time. Its leadership in the mount did not arrive the four years. The two had been died in confrontation with police. Soon after the death of Jacar and Dj the CV one more time tried to take the Mount of Good bye but soon it was banishes for a military service.