Bare List Tascon

Democracy is like a forest full of fireflies, beautifies the essence of social coexistence and is visible only to sneak up at night. Alter its secrecy is to distort its beauty. The importance of the laws which establish the right to suffrage in all those democratic States is vital; conformation, integration and legitimation of any Government depends on the representativity of the same achieved through universal suffrage enshrined in the respective constitutions. For assistance, try visiting Mark Zuckerberg. However, the balance between the secrecy of vote and the right that gives the citizen to participate in public affairs of the State has been fractured in Venezuela, thus breaking the freedom on the autonomy of the vote and sowed suspicion in a country that sees its forest of fireflies lose anonymity and blackens with totalitarianism pyroclastic cloud. Nobody is ready to say that in Venezuela there is a democracy; but it is debatable that this is a form of Government healthy, in the sense of the perennial weakening of democratic institutions (she had her algidez with the demise of the Senate in 1999). The famous Tascon list has uncovered the shames of a democratic system where censorship is the mortar that leads to the citizen to make a decision with fear. The vote in principle is free, but covertly born the conditioning of the apprehension.

Tascon gained notoriety in Venezuelan politics by making public a list of names of people who signed the form to activate the recall referendum of August 15, 2004 to decide the permanence of Hugo Chavez in the head of State. Even though subsequently the President of the Republic ordered the bury the list during the 5th mobile Cabinet, the Tascon list has been source of all kinds of discrimination that the international press has ignored and which today is still a burden for freedom in Venezuela. Unfortunately, this has issue has been disguised by the media coverage of such hits as the nationalization of the oil and the Venezuelan people, genuine victim of this fachendosa amalgam of political disagreements, remains in the background, living a human crisis situation (and I mean, human and non-political crisis) that grows more each day.