Ford Focus

Recognizing the power of persons information is everywhere at the same time and consumers are informed about the majority of products, what sale must be based on dialogue and not in selling with a monologue. In this sense, the web site exposes strategies as assisted search, which deals with those who want to save time and await the recommendations of their purchases via e-mail. Unlike the self-management, which alludes to those customers who prefer to personally find the products you need to get good results. The customer decides. Create values together first, with the transactional Marketing, the company defined and created value for consumers. With relationship Marketing, it focused on attract, develop and retain profitable customers.

But the new collaborative Marketing, as called by Kotler, should focus on working with the customer together create unique ways to generate value. Emmanuel Rouzet explains in his book the wine marketing a novel technique that exposes customers to smell different types of wine, and to discover the aromas, even when not are exactly those levied by the company. Your answer will be useful to make some modifications to the product. For them, the valid is not know, but how perceived it its customers. New methods for reaching the customer is monitored to dissatisfied customers, since the word of mouth marketing, is now key to key. This refers to Internet allows you to reach a greater number of people. Kotler, moreover, places special emphasis on a new strategy called Permission Marketing (or marketing with permission), and exposes them as a good way that the client can indicate whether or not to receive any advertising.

The launch of the Ford Focus is a good example. The automotive identified 120 people in six key markets, and left them to use free of charge, for six months a Focus and promotional material of the same.