Beatle John Lennon

It was a copy of an unreleased film of the year 1916. In the auction won a coin with the effigy of Lennon. It is possible to return to auction in the near future. A copy of an unpublished 1916 film that includes images of the brilliant British comic actor Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977) was this Wednesday without a buyer at an auction held at Bonhams in London House in which won a coin with the effigy of John Lennon. A spokeswoman for Bonhams explained that tape, nearly seven minutes of duration, aroused great interest, but when the truth was not awarded, for reasons difficult to explain. Despite the disappointment at not having placed the piece, which had generated a lot of media attention, the auction house ventured that it is possible to return to auction in the future, that are still doing studies on its characteristics and provenance. The film has a curious history, since it was acquired in 2009 by its current owner, Morace Park, in the portal auction eBay by 3.20 pounds (3.7 euros, 5.3 dollars), and then found that it is one of the first existing samples of animated cinema.

The tape, which has aroused the curiosity of scholars of the old cinema, Charlie Chaplin is entitled in Zepped, although the interpreter born in London did not expressly for the production, but that her scenes have been extracted from others of your tapes. However, specialists consider that the film, shot on 35 mm nitrate negative, is valuable and important by itself, because it is one of the earliest examples of animation known in the history of cinema. By what can be seen, shows images of the bombing of a Zeppelin on London, while Chaplin acts with his particular style. Limited series of 500 coins Los Zeppelin were used during the first world war in bombings against France and England, so Zepped would have designed to dispel fears of that artifact with the humor of the comedian London. However, the star of the bid Today, dedicated to memories of the world of the show, was a gold coin with the face of former Beatle John Lennon, which was topped by 72,000 pounds 80,000 euros (116,000 dollars), well above its price estimated between 1,000 (1,114 euros, 1,606 dollars) and 1,500 pounds (1,670 euros, 2.410 dollars). It is a coin who coined the British Mint – coin factory – in 2010 once the citizens vote in a competition for his civilian followers. The legendary singer was the most voted, and the Mint issued a limited series of 500 silver coins with his face and a gold – five pounds sterling (5.56 EUR, 8,03 dollars) – given by way of appreciation to Yoko Onno, second wife of John Lennon. Source of the news: A film with Chaplin stays without a buyer in a bid where wins a coin of Lennon

Chilean Alexis Sanchez

The Barcelona striker has explained that at age five he had clear that football would be his life. I’ve never had any doubt in this regard. He admits that he has hardly had time to talk with Guardiola. The Chilean Alexis Sanchez, the only signing of Barcelona with a view to the forthcoming season, has ensured that football has always helped him to overcome all the problems and be happy in difficult situations. In a statement to the official media of Barca, striker explained that five years already it was clear that football would be his life. I’ve never had any doubt in this respect and always I have shared with my family this estimate to the football. What was then a dream is now a reality, explained the player from Chile. Alexis, of low social extract, has admitted that where more has learned as a footballer is on the street, at neighborhood parties, something common in South America.

Apart from that, I think that both the Championships and travel also teach you rather, he pointed out. The Chilean is defined as a shy type does not like that much out. I am more than be at home, watching movies now for example I am eager to return, entering the field and receive balls to show my game, he explained. Bielsa, much influence has commented that Marcelo Bielsa, coach of the Athletic, former Chilean national coach and friend of Pep Guardiola, has had much influence in his game. I think I learned quite profe. He left his name well placed both in Chile and in the rest of the world.

I’ve learned a lot with him, never would have thought to be able to learn as much as I have done, it has indicated. As the Barcelona player, Alexis arrives at the Catalan box aware that play here the best in the world and among them appointment to Messi, Jaime and Iniesta. The rest are excellent and I want to put me at his height, he said. His idea is to always learn and all colleagues and has commented that if it is fixed in a good deed signed by another player tries to learn it and practice until you achieve that you leave you. Alexis has admitted that he has not had much time to talk to Guardiola. As any coach around what makes aims win every game and every competition where it participates. It is also a technician that bets on a very nice football that excites the public, has opined. There is no problem to play in different positions in attack. Messi takes 10 and plays for tip, is like a 9. Here no matter the number you’re wearing or the position, because in the end everyone everywhere, move has admitted. The Chilean sees football as a game, but ensures that never forgets the responsibility that entails. Take me with more responsibility, although I’m still the same player as when he was five or ten years. I am still having fun in the field, described above. But not afraid. After becoming the best player in the Italian League last season, Alexis Sanchez has commented that he has always had faith in its possibilities. Source of the news: Alexis Sanchez: “Football always has helped me to overcome all problems”