Willian Rodrigues

E did not delay this colleague of study was very to work together with me in the same organization. As I already commented you have that to have true friends, and this is one of them, and I am certain that I am one of its true friends. That in elapsing of the course they had been you vary faced difficulties, as much in the professional, personal and academic life of both the parts, for in witnessed and some times the will to give up was great. But the force of will and the words of incentives, and many times we ourselves satirizando our situation, had helped in them to transpose some obstacles. They exist you not only vary situations in the academic life, that you have that to convoke its true friends, so that all together they can help it. It is very rewarding when you perceive that she has friends. the true friends are for all the moments and not only in the difficulties.

E one of these moments of full difficulty, and mainly when you this with the same symptoms of vary people, who are the symptom of them you divide, and the semester finished and you have that to make its reverse speed-she registers the college, and you you do not have the money who you go to convoke its friends, you are clearly. It is not truth, my true friends (). In After-Graduation it did not move very, my group of study in the room was initiated with five people and finished same the five. Now in the part of the identification with some professors it was to the same thing, I identified myself with few. with the too much colleagues of room, was well different, was people of some different professional segments, without nor one ties professional. But the financial difficulties had also not moved, had continued to pursue me, the academic works, the difficulty scale were bigger. But pra who has true friends equal to mine, everything becomes more easy this is a homage to my friends. Ailda de Oliveira; Leandro Cavicchio; Ana Claude; Lia Santana; Carlos Alberto; Marcelo Basile; Cesar Snows; Landmarks Bernardine; Claude To sound; Juremeira landmarks; Clodoaldo Silva; Mauricio Gervasio; Dulcineia Ladies (In Memoriam); Nathalia Nunes; Edely Tabboni; Rose Rodrigues; Edi Regina Saints; Rosana Saucers; Edilson Sousa; Thays Tabboni; Philip Malamam; Vera Caetano; Fernando Hunter; Vera Oak; Joclio Fernandes; Willian Rodrigues.