Great Glands

Pparently the estrognio hinders the inhibiting substance action it ducto of Mller. (Bahr and Johnson, 1991). Subdivises of oviduto. Infundbulo Apresenta a little plaited mucosa of simple, cylindrical and caliciforme epitlio. It is to aglandular, except in the posterior regions, where it has gradual transistion for the great one.

The 10 cm consists of a tubular structure of 4, fine wall, with conical region, following itself for another tubular one with folds in soft spiral. (MORAES, I.A). One is about a funnel that catches the mature folculos, adds the internal fluid layer, forming the egg yolk. It is also where it is the spermatozoa, copula will have been occurred, occurring to the fertilizao. The permanence in infundibulo is of 15 minutes. (Pink Alexander P.). Great Also call of albuminfera gland. The mucosa very plaited and is provided with epitlio estratificado with ciliadas caliciformes and cylindrical cells and tubulosas glands.

It consists of tubular structure, thicker wall, with 20 48cm of length (it is the part longest), rich in tubular glands inside of the longitudinal folds of the mucosa. (MORAES, I.A). Provided for the secretoras cells, it is responsible for producing the layers dense and fluid external of albmen, the time of permanence in the great one is of 1hora and 45 minutes. (Rutz F, 2007). stimo Is the lesser portion of oviduto, forms the final layer of albmen, responsible for forms the membranes of the rind, the time of permanence of stimo is 1hora and 30 minutes the 1 hour and 45 minutes. (Pink Alexander P.). He presents narrow and mucous light with lesser folds with lesser number of glands. The 12 cm, very thick wall has length of 4, with longitudinal folds and reduced diameter. (MORAES, I.A) UTERUS (Gland of the Rind) Presents wall is finer than of the isthmus, but it is presented with strong musculatura, longitudinal and transversal folds and tubulosas glands.


The ADC has enters its proposals to work of form to multidiscipline, appealing to other areas of study to understand and to explain the discursivos phenomena. With this support, we arrive at the understanding of that these phenomena that contribute for the perpetuation of the sexual violence against children involve silenciamento and interdiction. The first one comes of the contribution of studies on social sort and deals with a mark of the identity that has its silenced voice. The child many times is not believed and appeals to silence so that pass for diffidence or paradoxicalally not to attack somebody evidently respected and admired, the abuser. Already the interdiction deals with subjects that cause constaint and they cannot be argued in public or any environment. These are the sex and the violence.

Worse, when the fact involves the two at the same time. To surpass silence tax and to open the quarrel on the subject it is a way not to perpetuate the aggression. This because the abuser counts, yes, with this condition of the child, a silenced and discredited individual. Moreover, to speak on the crime is constrangedor, even though for the minors. We must have the care not to vulgarize the subject for the permanent and unnecessary exposition, the point of leaving in them insensitive. It is necessary to appeal the psychological support to know to deal with the speech on the subject with the children.

They must be prepared to obtain to make what she is possible in regards to this violence. in the difficulty and immaturity, the lesser account with who? The responsible parents or. It is important he has enough opening and he counts on the confidence of its cuidadores. In interview to the magazine Who in 2010, the actress Claude Jimenez considered important to show that already it passes for such problem and that at the time did not talk with the family from fear of the father, for the visible friendship that it had for Mr. whom he abused it. In the same deposition, it appealed so that the family takes care of of the children she defends and them with the following words: ' ' The parents need to take well-taken care of very. The children never must leave to frequentar alone the house of other people, for more respectable than they seem. He is everything dangerous and very painful. The pedofilia is serious, is necessary that if it speaks of it and that it pass to be considered hideous crime, so that the punishment to the pedfilos is more severa' '. It notices in the words of Claude an importance of if speaking of the subject, for more painful than either, and giving space so that the children feel confidence to speak with the responsible parents or on any situation that them seems stranger. Sandro Xavier Doutorando in lingustica, UnB Published in the Braziliense Post office, 24 of December of 2011, Saturday.