Gran Sabana

That is accustomed to traveling, knows that it is always necessary to start someday. Paulo Coelho brief background towards long who hoped to have the opportunity to meet the vast Savannah, I had never submitted, and the times that he had planned, not carried out or simply had a disability that made it impossible for me to do so. In this December, specifically the 15 had the chance to undertake the journey by land, accompanying a friend, leaving Valencia which is at a distance of 1500 Kmts approximately 15 hours of travel by car through a road that leaves a great deal to say, by the neglect of its maintenance of the mayors, Governors of States that we are going through.Road with many gaps, in poor conditions, where there have been many accidents, as well as being full of holes, which seriously affects cars, as in our case, we suffer the loss of a rubber what exploded to fall into a hole, and that fortunately did not step problems older. On it, he gives us that it is located in the South of VENEZUELA, in Bolivar State, near the border with Brazil and Guyana. It can be reached by land and by air.

From Caracas on land they are about 18 hours of trip approximately, and the tourist home on Earth is the stone of the Virgin that welcomes us to the Canaima National Park in the Km98. after the village of Las Claritas. The name of La Gran Sabana is due to agent traveller, then Explorer and miner, Juan Maria Mundo Freixas, native of Cataluna-Spain, who in September 1929 in Caracas Venezuelan culture – magazine published an article where mentioned to the Gran Sabana by this name, and claimed that it was a simple version to Castilian which gave indigenous people, which according to world was Teipun – Gran Sabana-.

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