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< img title = vacation src = alt = “width = 489? height = 326? /> up to 85 percent of Spaniards will travel somewhere this summer, most domestic destinations and in the months of July and August.” By the way remaining 15 ensures that not you will travel in summer mainly for economic reasons and a small number within this percentage declares that he will not travel in summer to make it more forward past the holiday season. Something is changing with respect to previous years and is that unlike last year, the months in which the Spaniards travel more this time will be in July and September, dates that occur 47 indeed travel, while August this year remains at 43%, which indicates a change of trend among the population. What if kept are the destinations, because of beach remain in the 41 percent of these, against 16 percent of urban destinations or 10 and 4 per cent of rural getaways and other destinations respectively. Other relevant data It is that 50 percent will your holiday within national territory while 31 per cent will do so on the foreign and a 19 will indeed opt to combine foreign and national destiny. The estimated duration of these outputs will be 10 days, which means a reduction of 2 days compared to 2010. Also increasingly person utlizan internet as a means to plan and book your holiday. Reservations as Booking Hotels portals come increased its level of influx of reservations compared with past years. Despite the crisis, 46 percent of travelers says he has not had to conform more pocket during the year leaving behind other activities to be able to go on vacation..