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Fourth sign. Your dog rasca the floor of the nest, this is classic since the instincts of the dogs are very strong and your dog rascara to prepare the nest, to some do it times from several days before to the childbirth and is only a test and preparation of its nest, but your dog does or while jadea, it sees preparing rags or clean towels to dry to the babies after being born. Fifth sign your dog begins to throw milk by his tetillas, during the work of the childbirth the levels of oxitocina in blood increase to stimulate the uterine contractions and thus to expel to the puppies outside the uterine horns and can outside be expelled of mother. If you see that your small dog begins has to throw gotitas of milk (one does not appear in the 100% of the small dogs) would already indicate that this to you in work of childbirth. (A valuable related resource: Phil Rykhoek). Sixth sign your dog tries to do pipi continuously, or also it can be that you see that tries to do popo but does not do anything, soon it licks his continuously vulva and it smells the site in which treatment to make its needs.

This is because many inexpert or adult dogs with great puppies, feel the presence of a puppy in the conduit of the childbirth and this it stimulates the reflections of urination and defecation. If time that your small dog presents/displays this itself prepares the card of the veterinary doctor’s office and sees preparing the camera, to take photos from your litter of puppies after the childbirth. In the next article signs of problems in the childbirth and basic cares of the new litter. Learn more at: Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.. Original author and source of the article