The Pupils

The unfamiliarity of literature, and, therefore, of the authors, makes with that they are not recognized as ' ' clssicos' '. Despite it has left significant of the pupils declares to like the workmanship deals, the fact of being ' ' clssico' ' it is not valued. They read many them without analyzing, the author. They read exactly for influence of friends, or to be workmanships that are in height, in fashion. In the truth, many know history for having seen adapted films, that in turn also it possesss immense differences, good distant of the original. Another question important to stand out is the reading of fictions, on the part of the pupils, who are not considered by critical the literary one as literature. Many of the explanations of the consideration if do not base on the question of the language, in the lingusticos aspects, the lack atemporalidade of the workmanship, concerning the personages, treated subjects, amongst others.

However, it is not our work here, to criticize of negative form the reading of the new fictions for the pupils of average education, with how much we think that it opens routes of diversified readings, new knowledge, and other aspects, such which the fomented ones for the readings of the classics. Being thus, talo Calvin very points well the question of if reading and if knowing the workmanships classic, therefore these serve to understand who are and where we want to arrive. However, the pleasure of the reading of the classics must be rescued and be stimulated, mainly to the young of average education, therefore before the taste, to read one classic possesss a social value. Best literature must be known simply because this configures a civility and culture standard. The classics in classroom must be rescued, and be absorbed in a very special way. Because ' ' youth communicates to the act to read as to any another experience a particular flavor and an importance; to the step that in the maturity is appraised (many details, levels and meanings would have to be appreciated) mais' ' , it defined Calvin (1993, p.10.) this is the paper of the school: to make possible the access to the fiction of quality of pleasant form.