Today Moment

" To this age no longer I can ". Et cetera When adding tasks and I put what you are doing is to disperse to your concentration and your energies, which, if you oriented in a single " blanco" either objective, they would make possible to make specific it easily the more since all resources would aim there. In order to avoid this dispersion of energies you must find what it is really important for you at this moment, to make a list of priorities in your life and to assign the amount to them of taken care of time and that they need according to its level of importance. Today I want dejarte some advice born from my own experience so that you can decide that it is what it really matters and how to avoid the anxiety that produces being distributing to your energies in little effective form Present Ten that always you can return on your steps. What you choose not to make today this private preserve for always in your life, you cannot return to it when decide you it. Each experience or project in your life has an importance level according to the moment at you choose which it. It enjoys the way that you have chosen and ten in account that you must put everything of you to arrive at a end that satisfies you. All the goals that you wish to reach you will obtain, them when it is the opportune moment. It is probable that at this moment of your life it is not the moment for reaching them simply so that you choose other objectives like high-priority to these. Ten in account that all the objectives that I reach and all the slips and failures that you have in the way to reach your objectives, will leave an education you, which will cause that to reach other goals it is more easy thanks to the wisdom that you will have acquired.