Recently I had myself to encounter mass media through an article of respecting that announces how the exercise that creates the fat. Now my primary target is mainly the handling of the pain and the increase of the functional resistance and the mobility that through the activities that are used to obtain this a natural by-product sees product of the loss of weight, reason why would be arranged to be in discord totally with that affirmation. The same concept that the exercise creates the fat is an absolute triviality I I could not sit down and maintain the mouth here closed on the matter. One of the points of the article that I read is that what you eat controls much if causes the fat or no, and I am in agreement with that. You cannot consume doughnuts, Twinkies, dingdongs, eaten congealed processings loaded of common table salt, or their favorite tea sugar and wash it with its favorite beer while one trains as a crazy person during 90 minutes to the day and still hopes to lower of weight. There is all type of additives in our foods that, without knowing it make us get fat.

This eating its salads with a dressing with more than 10 grams of sugar by portion originating of the maize syrup of high fructose. Perhaps it was the addition of bilberries droughts in its salad of a value of 25 grams of sugar by portion in the part superior of the equivalent to 4 portions of dressing. The article also is going to say that the main point is that the exercise abre the appetite, therefore, when exercise becomes you are going to eat more, and because more eats not burning fire the fat. By all means that is going to be hungry after the exercise. That is the moment for feeding its body with something of thin protein, natural carbohydrates and fiber.