Member Values

Says Jarrin that management values represents a force to build better organizations and societies, in an environment where the management culture and values invade the world of the organization. It is a model that will change the vision of the management of organizational transformation processes. More specifically it indicates Jarrin, values-based management a part of premises and different visions. The organization is seen as a living system, not as a mechanical system whose sole purpose is to generate wealth for shareholders. On the other hand, people are seen depending on its potential and not constraints with which consciously or unconsciously we have defined the policies and systems of organizations.

Traditional training models are no longer valid such challenge. How to arrive to all and each one of the members of a company is through the communion of values, properly understood, internalized and brought into practice, so that they become management guides and models of observable behaviors. For Jarrin management based on values allows you to follow the route of the economic sustainability of companies and societies in the long term, cementing moral and economic capitalist, to lead us as workers and companies rising in the seven scales of development, from survival, up to the awareness of the impact of all our actions in communities and societies, generating, not only enterprises more profitable and successful, but above all, achieving this through the individual development of each person to transform them into social actors. The quality management programs and productive has been identified with the management on values, by highlighting the decisive role of the human capital that every company has, where each Member of the organization is a potential which can not be neglected, to which should motivate contribute optimally your creative, innovative potential and to implement it in pro provide answers to the problems that the environment in their development.