The ADC has enters its proposals to work of form to multidiscipline, appealing to other areas of study to understand and to explain the discursivos phenomena. With this support, we arrive at the understanding of that these phenomena that contribute for the perpetuation of the sexual violence against children involve silenciamento and interdiction. The first one comes of the contribution of studies on social sort and deals with a mark of the identity that has its silenced voice. The child many times is not believed and appeals to silence so that pass for diffidence or paradoxicalally not to attack somebody evidently respected and admired, the abuser. Already the interdiction deals with subjects that cause constaint and they cannot be argued in public or any environment. These are the sex and the violence.

Worse, when the fact involves the two at the same time. To surpass silence tax and to open the quarrel on the subject it is a way not to perpetuate the aggression. This because the abuser counts, yes, with this condition of the child, a silenced and discredited individual. Moreover, to speak on the crime is constrangedor, even though for the minors. We must have the care not to vulgarize the subject for the permanent and unnecessary exposition, the point of leaving in them insensitive. It is necessary to appeal the psychological support to know to deal with the speech on the subject with the children.

They must be prepared to obtain to make what she is possible in regards to this violence. in the difficulty and immaturity, the lesser account with who? The responsible parents or. It is important he has enough opening and he counts on the confidence of its cuidadores. In interview to the magazine Who in 2010, the actress Claude Jimenez considered important to show that already it passes for such problem and that at the time did not talk with the family from fear of the father, for the visible friendship that it had for Mr. whom he abused it. In the same deposition, it appealed so that the family takes care of of the children she defends and them with the following words: ' ' The parents need to take well-taken care of very. The children never must leave to frequentar alone the house of other people, for more respectable than they seem. He is everything dangerous and very painful. The pedofilia is serious, is necessary that if it speaks of it and that it pass to be considered hideous crime, so that the punishment to the pedfilos is more severa' '. It notices in the words of Claude an importance of if speaking of the subject, for more painful than either, and giving space so that the children feel confidence to speak with the responsible parents or on any situation that them seems stranger. Sandro Xavier Doutorando in lingustica, UnB Published in the Braziliense Post office, 24 of December of 2011, Saturday.

Espirito Santo

Then we say that in religion the renewal if makes necessary and deity and religion are synonymous of renewal in the search to the creator. The Umbanda is a septenary religion conducted for the sacred one, that is, it is based on the seven divine lines that are seven to be able or seven irradiations. The Christianity is based on the sacred three day’s devotion, that is, three to be able of the creation that was classified as: the Father, the Son and the Espirito Santo. The Umbanda if bases on these seven to be able or divine irradiations that are the Seven Lines of Umbanda and that they are not seven orixs and yes seven to be able or mental the holy ghosts that all conducts the creation. The infinite deities in same itself, all they radiate from these seven lines and as well as a Espirito Santo does not exist, but yes an energy spiritual that involves and magnetizes all the espritos that if santificaram and despertaram its superior consciences and as the Umbanda if it bases on septenary sacred or the seven lines of forces, all its mysteries is on to these seven to be able the holy ghosts and that they are represented through the seven directions, of the seven elements, the seven colors, the seven symbols etc. and as well as ten orders canalized for Moises had been chosen and that they had given to base the religion Jewish and that they serve even so footing for the same one we know that the orders or the laws of God are infinite these same ten orders are renewed in two order cited for Jesus Christ who says: You will love you all your God of your heart, all your soul and all your agreement. This is the great first order and as, fellow creature to this, is: You will love to your next one as you exactly.

Christian God

It is the faith in Jesus Christ who unifies all the peoples, not to be evanglico catholic or. It is the direction of ' ' that all are um' '. The union for the faith, explicit or implicit, of all the peoples pardoned for the Lamb is that it forms the Church of God. The Church is, therefore, the meeting of all the people who adhere the Jesus Christ for the explicit faith (confessional) or implicit (antropolgica faith), are they mistreat, Christians, Muslim, or men and women of good will, according to ecumenical spirit of Jesus and Vatican Conclio II. The ones that had washed vestments in the blood of the Lamb are peoples of all the races, languages nations, until that never they heard to speak of Jesus, but, moved for the Spirit of God, who blows where he wants, had practised good workmanships (AP 7,9-14; TM 25,31-46). The multitude of the peoples, safe nations for the faith in the immolated Lamb is that it constitutes the true Church of God, not only the Church Catholic. Thanks to God! Therefore the Creed would have to say ' ' I believe in the Church of Deus' ' , not ' ' I believe in the Catlica&#039 Church; ' , to prevent the closing of this on same itself, disdaining other Churches, creeds and ideologies, that live Good the New practising ethical values, as the sincere atheists, men and women of good will of any creed, ideology, culture. Before being catholic, who believes is Christian, therefore its faith is Christ. We suggest, therefore, the following evolutivas formularizations of the Creed Jew-Christian: 1) The Jewish historical Creed: Shema Israel ' ' It hears, Israel: Jav our God is the only Jav (saving). Therefore, you will love Jav all your God with yours heart, with all your soul and all your force.

Shield Agreement

The man who spills its heart in the feet Mr. confessing its sins, recognizing its insignificncia before God, and these actions is carried through of all agreement and of all heart, the chemical changes that occur in this human being are so intense, that it is impossible to describe them with words of man. More why occur these changes? The answers are in the promises of God, when we see in Sayings 2; versicles of 1 the 8–; SON mine, if to accept my words, and to hide with you my orders, to make your intent ear to the wisdom; to incline your heart to the agreement; If clamares for knowledge, and intelligence alares your voice, If as the silver to search and as the hidden treasures to look for, Then you will understand the fear Mr., and will find the knowledge of God. Because Mr. of a wisdom, and its mouth is that he comes the knowledge and the agreement. It reserves the true wisdom for the rectums. Shield is for that they walk in the sincerity, so that they keep the trails of the judgment. It will preserve the way of its saints.

– the rectums (honest, sincere, fidiciary offices in the word, of character unit ……) – Saints (separate of dirts of the world, luxury, idolatria, robbery, drugs.) In another article still of the same author, we find the description of plus one ' ' Experiment. That it was carried through by the Institute Heart Math and in it if observed the DNA of the placenta human being (the DNA form oldest) that it was placed in a container where its alterations could be measured. 28 samples in pipes of assay for one had been distributed exactly number of previously trained investigators. Each investigator was trained to generate and to emit feelings and each one could have forts emotions.

The Next

Fourth sign. Your dog rasca the floor of the nest, this is classic since the instincts of the dogs are very strong and your dog rascara to prepare the nest, to some do it times from several days before to the childbirth and is only a test and preparation of its nest, but your dog does or while jadea, it sees preparing rags or clean towels to dry to the babies after being born. Fifth sign your dog begins to throw milk by his tetillas, during the work of the childbirth the levels of oxitocina in blood increase to stimulate the uterine contractions and thus to expel to the puppies outside the uterine horns and can outside be expelled of mother. If you see that your small dog begins has to throw gotitas of milk (one does not appear in the 100% of the small dogs) would already indicate that this to you in work of childbirth. (A valuable related resource: Phil Rykhoek). Sixth sign your dog tries to do pipi continuously, or also it can be that you see that tries to do popo but does not do anything, soon it licks his continuously vulva and it smells the site in which treatment to make its needs.

This is because many inexpert or adult dogs with great puppies, feel the presence of a puppy in the conduit of the childbirth and this it stimulates the reflections of urination and defecation. If time that your small dog presents/displays this itself prepares the card of the veterinary doctor’s office and sees preparing the camera, to take photos from your litter of puppies after the childbirth. In the next article signs of problems in the childbirth and basic cares of the new litter. Learn more at: Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.. Original author and source of the article