Bases Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae, is an instrument, a document essential to find a job. It is the best way to go. It is required for all those people who withdraw of the universities, as well as for the people majors that continue in the labor activity. Generally, the people think that to write up a curriculum she is to present/display something bulky, full of leaves, that when concluding do not say anything. It is necessary, that before initiating to write up you curriculum, you must enterarte on the information that you will present, also, the presentation order. Mainly to write without avoiding, enfocarte exclusively, to the report that you are going to present/display.

Ten by certainly only, you have left an opportunity; to cause sensation to the people, whom they must to you approve for contratarte. You do not let pass it. The people in charge to the hiring of the personnel, require that the curriculum vitae is exposed with clarity and mainly that is brief the information like: personal data, the formation and the professional experience of whom it requires a use. It thinks that immediate goal to investigate, when to make you curriculum vitae is to acquire an interview. The curriculum vitae, is in charge of an important function: – To go to the person in charge of darte the use. – Centrarte exclusively, in the lapse of the interview, on the most valuable subjects of you personality and of the academic and labor course. – Later to the interview, to insist to the person who will give the use you on the data that better talk of you.

You curriculum vitae, must present exclusively, those that are in perfect conditions of adjustment, with the exercise which you must abocarte in the company, but without hiding, exaggerating or to lie. This talks about, that would be far better that you fix curriculum according to the job to which you present/display to you. Before beginning to elaborate a curriculum vitae one is due to take into account: – A curriculum on leaves, not only by the content and the way how it is compound, but also, by the same writing that must to be effective. – Mainly, the people are mistaken doing a curriculum; they include documentation of all studies and works, without taking into account the position to which they appear. If she wishes to know more, enters here.

Espirito Santo

Then we say that in religion the renewal if makes necessary and deity and religion are synonymous of renewal in the search to the creator. The Umbanda is a septenary religion conducted for the sacred one, that is, it is based on the seven divine lines that are seven to be able or seven irradiations. The Christianity is based on the sacred three day’s devotion, that is, three to be able of the creation that was classified as: the Father, the Son and the Espirito Santo. The Umbanda if bases on these seven to be able or divine irradiations that are the Seven Lines of Umbanda and that they are not seven orixs and yes seven to be able or mental the holy ghosts that all conducts the creation. The infinite deities in same itself, all they radiate from these seven lines and as well as a Espirito Santo does not exist, but yes an energy spiritual that involves and magnetizes all the espritos that if santificaram and despertaram its superior consciences and as the Umbanda if it bases on septenary sacred or the seven lines of forces, all its mysteries is on to these seven to be able the holy ghosts and that they are represented through the seven directions, of the seven elements, the seven colors, the seven symbols etc. and as well as ten orders canalized for Moises had been chosen and that they had given to base the religion Jewish and that they serve even so footing for the same one we know that the orders or the laws of God are infinite these same ten orders are renewed in two order cited for Jesus Christ who says: You will love you all your God of your heart, all your soul and all your agreement. This is the great first order and as, fellow creature to this, is: You will love to your next one as you exactly.