Christian God

It is the faith in Jesus Christ who unifies all the peoples, not to be evanglico catholic or. It is the direction of ' ' that all are um' '. The union for the faith, explicit or implicit, of all the peoples pardoned for the Lamb is that it forms the Church of God. The Church is, therefore, the meeting of all the people who adhere the Jesus Christ for the explicit faith (confessional) or implicit (antropolgica faith), are they mistreat, Christians, Muslim, or men and women of good will, according to ecumenical spirit of Jesus and Vatican Conclio II. The ones that had washed vestments in the blood of the Lamb are peoples of all the races, languages nations, until that never they heard to speak of Jesus, but, moved for the Spirit of God, who blows where he wants, had practised good workmanships (AP 7,9-14; TM 25,31-46). The multitude of the peoples, safe nations for the faith in the immolated Lamb is that it constitutes the true Church of God, not only the Church Catholic. Thanks to God! Therefore the Creed would have to say ' ' I believe in the Church of Deus' ' , not ' ' I believe in the Catlica&#039 Church; ' , to prevent the closing of this on same itself, disdaining other Churches, creeds and ideologies, that live Good the New practising ethical values, as the sincere atheists, men and women of good will of any creed, ideology, culture. Before being catholic, who believes is Christian, therefore its faith is Christ. We suggest, therefore, the following evolutivas formularizations of the Creed Jew-Christian: 1) The Jewish historical Creed: Shema Israel ' ' It hears, Israel: Jav our God is the only Jav (saving). Therefore, you will love Jav all your God with yours heart, with all your soul and all your force.