Shield Agreement

The man who spills its heart in the feet Mr. confessing its sins, recognizing its insignificncia before God, and these actions is carried through of all agreement and of all heart, the chemical changes that occur in this human being are so intense, that it is impossible to describe them with words of man. More why occur these changes? The answers are in the promises of God, when we see in Sayings 2; versicles of 1 the 8–; SON mine, if to accept my words, and to hide with you my orders, to make your intent ear to the wisdom; to incline your heart to the agreement; If clamares for knowledge, and intelligence alares your voice, If as the silver to search and as the hidden treasures to look for, Then you will understand the fear Mr., and will find the knowledge of God. Because Mr. of a wisdom, and its mouth is that he comes the knowledge and the agreement. It reserves the true wisdom for the rectums. Shield is for that they walk in the sincerity, so that they keep the trails of the judgment. It will preserve the way of its saints.

– the rectums (honest, sincere, fidiciary offices in the word, of character unit ……) – Saints (separate of dirts of the world, luxury, idolatria, robbery, drugs.) In another article still of the same author, we find the description of plus one ' ' Experiment. That it was carried through by the Institute Heart Math and in it if observed the DNA of the placenta human being (the DNA form oldest) that it was placed in a container where its alterations could be measured. 28 samples in pipes of assay for one had been distributed exactly number of previously trained investigators. Each investigator was trained to generate and to emit feelings and each one could have forts emotions.