Investment challenges

Private investors can be gained in cooperatives. But they also often have with nature conservation, manages, low membership numbers and correspondingly weak means to fight. Offshore wind energy was the long-awaited breath of fresh air. Meanwhile disillusionment comes here, too. More and more companies pull back from the former hope market. The faltering network expansion is just one of the reasons. High costs and many unclear political conditions complicate planning security to investors.

And constantly blazing anger with nature protection associations makes it not easier. Cost pressures by international providers is growing in addition to the decline in investment for more and more producers the question arises about the cost. This is not surprising. Meanwhile, China brings several companies in the global top ten of manufacturers of wind Turbines. Provided this Operations in the first years the domestic market still first, reigns here now large export aspirations. That leaves the prices tumble. Some market observers to speak openly of prices. Who wants to stay competitive, needs appropriate values in his company, such as technical expertise, efficiency and clever marketing strategies.

Not only Europe is a lucrative market for the Asian wind power? Other emerging markets are in the sights of the Chinese. An unfavorable development for the export-oriented German wind power industry. Sustainable development of expertise is becoming increasingly important. Helps the way to more efficiency and lower costs? We say: No. Here we provided the question again and again by participating business leaders: where is some savings and increase efficiency? “.” “After our assessment you must replace the cost issue with another, namely: how to Setup from me as a whole the best?” A sole tightening of spending and increase efficiency in the production leads often to dangerous Savings over vital areas, such as marketing and communication. Innovative and effective sales strategies are also helpful as intelligent communication concepts and modern external appearance. This should be taken into account in the budget, and also efficiently developed. A such selective market offers opportunities for those who recognize and skillfully on the challenges your business align.