Sergio Leone

Leonard, with Jeannette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy), comedies, tragedies, or simply great stories of adventures, with open spaces and emotions to the surface. Anthology of a WESTERN travel excellence and the magic of Hollywood cinema, and a list that you can of course include many titles more, John Ford, Howard Hawks, but also other illustrious lovers of the genre like John Farrow, Andrew V. McLaglen, Henry Hathaway and within the framework of European cinema the German series of novels of Karl May : Winnetou and Old Shatterhand starring Lex Barker (and Stewart Granger) and Pierre Brice, tetralogy of Sergio Leone and some rarity unusual of Romero Marchent as before death comes. Buffalo Bill (The Plainsman) 1936 CECIL B. DE MILLE the diligence (Stagecoach) 1939 JOHN FORD Union Pacifico (Union Pacific) 1939 CECIL B. DE MILLE land of bold (Jesse James) 1939 HENRY KING died with their boots on (They died with their boots on) 1941 RAOUL WALSH duel in the Sun (Duel in the sun) 1946 KING VIDOR Red River (Red river) 1948 HOWARD HAWKS sky yellow (Yellow Sky) 1948 WILLIAM WELLMAN together until death (Colorado Territory) 1949 RAOUL WALSH the door of the Diablo (Devil, s doorway) 1949 ANTHONY MANN the invincible legion (She wore a yellow ribbon) 1949 JOHN FORD Rancho (Rancho Notorious) 1950 FRITZ LANG Winchester 73 (73 Winchester) 1950 ANTHONY MANN the gunman (The gunfighter) 1950 HENRY KING only noon (High Noon) 1952 FRED ZINNEMAN Shane (Shane) 1953 GEORGE STEVENS the man from Laramie (The man from Laramie) 1954 ANTHONY MANN Devil Garden (Garden of evil) 1954 HENRY HATHAWAY Johnny Guitar (Johnny Guitar) 1955 NICHOLAS RAY the 3.10 train (3.10 to Yuma) 1955 DELMER DAVES the searchers (The searchers) 1956 JOHN FORD Seven men from now 1957 BUDD BOETTICHER horizons of greatness (The big country) 1957 WILLIAM WYLER of the 1958 ANTHONY MANN Oeste(Man of the west) man the last train from Gun Hill (Last train from Gun Hill) 1959 John Sturges the hangman tree (The hanging tree) 1959 DELMER DAVES Rio Bravo (Rio Grande) 1959 HOWARD HAWKS the Alamo (The Alamo) 1960 JOHN WAYNE the magnificent seven (The magnificent seven) 1960 JOHN STURGES the man who shot Liberty Valance (The man who shot Liberty Valance) 1962 JOHN FORD. Duel at high Sierra (Ride the high country) 1962 SAM PECKINPAH the conquest of West (How the west was won) 1963 HENRY HATHAWAY – JOHN FORD – GEORGE MARSHALL. Professionals (The professionals) 1966 RICHARD BROOKS El Dorado (El dorado) 1967 HOWARD HAWKS Will Penny 1967 TOM GRIES city without law (Death of a gunfighter) 1969 DON SIEGEL wild bunch (The wild bunch) 1969 SAM PECKINPAH the last gunman (The shootist) 1976 DON SIEGEL without forgiveness (The unforgiven) 1994 CLINT EASTWOOD Open range.