Google Maps Phone

When it comes to finding Android smartphone, you can not do without HTC Desire. Tayvansky excellent smartphone, a perfect example of what should be the Android device. In the market of some great mobile phones. But if we consider the entire complex features, including functionality, usability, hardware, it is difficult to find a phone that is as impressive as the HTC Desire. Yes, Desire is more than just a good phone with great design. Connect with other leaders such as Reed Hastings here. He has some of the features that distinguish it from the rest of mobile phones. First of all, HTC Desire – this is Android phone. This means that users will receive a full set of Google applications with the phone’s capacity.

For those who are in movement, there are Google Maps and Google Earth. Built-in instant search is looking for input address and will give you the fastest route to the nearest cafe. Google Mail and Google Chat allows the user to always keep in touch with the right contacts, and Picasa, and YouTube help implement media downloads. Google Goggles expanding reality applications, enabling users to instantly search for information on sites and areas around, using a combination of Google Street View and satellite navigation, as well as help users to move freely. The second important feature of this cell phone – the touch screen.

C 3. 7 inch display is quite large (though not as much as the big 4. The 3-inch display at the forthcoming HTC Desire HD or 5-inch screen Dell Streak). Whatever it was, the size of the screen is not the main advantage of HTC Desire, a capacitive touch screen technology is largely the norm for modern smartphones. What makes it special display Desire – is the fact that he uses AMOLED technology. With a resolution of 480×800 pixels, the display can display HD video without problems, and this is particularly important because Desire is perfectly adapted for viewing media content.


With the development of mobile devices and the network, increasingly more people prefer to use mobile devices to do several jobs. This leads to a change in the traditional software industry. If traditional software companies do not re-form in accordance with this trend, probably would be replaced by new business model. What are the same in the CAD industry. The traditional CAD design must be performed by the tip PC software. But it is inconvenient for the designer to use the PC’s heavy range, in many cases, such as communications with users, checking CAD drawings and inspection of quality of construction, as well as the speed at work, preferring to work with CAD software on mobile devices.

With the development of the functions of mobile devices, demand for mobile applications to CAD software is increasingly strong. To meet this demand, GstarCAD presented GstarCAD MC, which is a CAD software for mobile clients in 2011. It can be used for mobile terminals as iPhone, iPad and Android. With GstarCAD MC, it could be very convenient for users to open CAD drawings at any time in any place. In accordance with the views of users, GstarCAD continues to improve new features of GstarCAD MC. GstarCAD MC will be fully updated in September 2012. Connect with other leaders such as Movie producer here.

Then, users can read and write DWG files directly. The obstacles to conversion of drawing and the transmission on mobile devices will be deleted. The software also supports fountains in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc. The experience of using CAD software on mobile devices would be even better. Besides, GstarCAD also do deep research into the new technologies and applications. In the next two years, GstarCAD will seek technological breakthroughs in the fields of cloud computing and collaborative design. All aspects related to CAD design would be connected by cloud computing platform. All the related enterprises, departments, design software and mobile devices could work collaboratively. The data sharing would be perfect. The overall working efficiency would be improved. In addition, GstarCAD also makes a profound research in new technologies and applications. In the next two years, GstarCAD seek technological advances in the fields of cloud computing and collaborative design. All aspects related to CAD design would be connected by the cloud computing platform. All companies, departments, design software and mobile devices could work together. The exchange of data would be perfect. Efficiency general of work could be improved. GstarCAD will continue investigating to GstarCAD MC and combining with the GstarCAD platform for cloud computing and collaborative design. GstarCAD MC will be a very important part of the system of GstarCAD software application.


You almost guessed. Sony Ericsson Xperia Play seamlessly combines both the above in one gadget! Formally, this is a smart phone that is perfect for games that have been certified under the PlayStation. To do so, he not only has a powerful hardware platform with multi-core graphics processor and high-quality 4 "screen, but the full game gamepad, made in the style of PlayStation DualShock. He hides under the screen, QWERTY keyboard on the spot, which habitually seen in the horizontal sliders. The main difference from the console game pad pocket – instead of the mechanical joystick pad. In other words, in front of you – the mobile phone game, or in other words, pocket-sized console with a built- smartphone.

Powerful platform for the most advanced mobile games and even do not think that the use of Sony-Ericsson Zeus (the code name for the model) may be any braking or fragmentary response. CPU the next generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8655 kernel Scorpion has a top speed of 1 GHz and 512 MB of RAM can forget about the number of simultaneously running applications. Cam unit can play virtually any unconverted video codecs DivX and XviD hardware accelerated graphics accelerator built Adreno 205. The same accelerator supports Playstation games. For wireless communication modules are responsible EDGE, 3G, Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi n.

Of course, the implemented and GPS-based maps Google Maps. Appendage are the digital compass and an FM radio. Powered by Android 2.3 Gingerbread PlayStation Phone (you can tell, the second name of the phone) is based on the latest version of the operating system Android 2.3 Gingerbread.