The old and heavy body of the Revolution no longer moves, trasunta excrement by the flank and the best thing would be than it stopped existing to give an opportunity to the Mother country, since it is not Mother country or Death, but Mother country and life which the future generations need. To have survived is its great merit and as all the survivors will have to wait for the death. Amen. It is not possible to be denied that the resentments and joy they will declare in this celebration, important is to give opportunity to that Cuba is abra to the world, that its new president Raul I castrate is inserted in the dynamics of the present scenes, with the experience that has been reached with fifty years of a behavior that one assumes has arrived at its maturity and that today must be known how to be useful with another vision, experience and to cause the opportunity to him to the island to that it is abra to a new development where does not lose those fifty years that the Cubans have lived and that has all the right to take step to the advances that the modern world has generated. There this exactly the test stops to measure that as much it has been learned of these years. To Cuba new possibilities are abren to him of entering itself in the modern life, simply is necessary to lead it with the triumph conviction they did since it when the revolution prevailed; their deads hope that the country fulfills a modern roll of the present time.