Unless you’re a journalist, forensic scientist or archaeologist, we assure you that you will have the need to do some research when you are looking for a good car insurer; but calm, we know that it is very boring and therefore write this text to help you. The protection of your car the first step is to investigate among your friends and, especially, between those who possess a car more or less like yours, in matters of price, space, etc. Ask for references on their insurers, the type of insurance coverage of cars that have and how much to pay. After all, the last thing you have to do is think that you’re in good hands, only to discover that your insurer will not you support in one major accident. Major insurers if the foregoing you not served much or you simply want to make a better decision, only have to review the qualifications of insurers in the Condusef (National Commission for the protection and defense of users of financial services), this will give you a better view about what provides the best services and in what areas.

Although these ratings don’t really say much about the character of each insurer, you talk about their financial stability, which is the first thing that you should look because you’ll realize how you met if you submit a claim. However, financial stability is not the only thing that you must look at an insurance company. It is also desirable to have good service and fast processing of claims. The key is finding a professional insurer and quality. Other considerations spoke with repair shops.

One of the best sources of information about the insurers are automotive service workshops. Looking for a workshop of confidence and asked about their experiences with the insurance companies. Talk to an insurance agent. There are a number of insurance companies of cars that do not allow you to buy insurance directly, but through an agent. An insurance agent is a point of contact that you can use in an accident. You can consider an agent exclusive for one insurance company in particular or one who works for several insurance companies. Verify which company has the best discounts. There are many discount programs that are available in most auto insurers. Ask for things like the discount for multiple insurance or multiline.