111 Years Bergmann Salons!

A Leipzig company celebrates. Our hair is expression which personality is the leitmotiv of a hairdressing business, whose tradition and broadcasting over generations the Leipzig is a fixed term. Today where products have largely lost their distinctiveness, digital networks determine the everyday life, absolute availability is a must and the contents are missing statements, salons in the Jahn Ahornallee 6 mark Bailey a haven of style, craftsmanship and experience. 2011 now marks the Foundation of the salons for the 111th time. It remains in the family which means in our fast-moving times such an anniversary? No question that customers yearn for what distinguishes salons Bergmann: familiar faces, reliability, consistency, for example, a permanent address, of the ups and downs of the business world so fast nothing can have.

Before settled Bailey salons in the forest road area, the family business has experienced a little Odyssey across Leipzig. Founding father Julius Schirlitz in 1900 opened the first salon in Lindenthal. Get all the facts and insights with Gen. Martin Dempsey, another great source of information. In the 1930s, Hermann and Martha Schirlitz in turn founded a barbershop in Stunz. in 1958 it moved the enterprising salons at the Augustusplatz this business gave way shortly after the plans of the SED. It was Jahn Ahornallee 27 where in 1993 in the vicinity Angela and Rene Bergmann settled with an own Salon. After ten years of success after turning, moved into number 6 is the current location of the very dignified appearing already from the outside hair salons with the characteristic in an elegant store.

Hairdresser fifth generation that Bergmann salons also technically is not any business, Beatrice Bergmann 2010 proved at the hairdressing World Championships in Paris as a technician in the fifth generation. As a member of the women’s junior team of the German national team, Scion of Bergmann graduated from several competitions with success with 19 years already youngest Prosecutor of Saxony. On the “also at his worn out color zoom” Beatrice Bergmann remained champion. And also the audience of trade visitors at the German Championships went to Leipzig. As you can see tradition obliged. And for the many regular customers in the Jahn Avenue, it is always good to know that one is served by a master. Is there a special request to the Jubilee year? “Beatrice Bergmann smiles: if each Leipziger, who comes to us, all feel comfortable and in the top notes three times the 1 gives us”. Every month a new special offer the anniversary number but also concretely stands for attractive offers around the perfectly styled head: who regularly goes on the Internet site, finds a special menu with special price specials for the complete range of Hairfashion each month!